10 Jobs That Will Be Replaced By AI Technology In The Future

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we communicate with technology. We are witnessing advancements in robotics and technologies every day. News reports of robots performing different human tasks are increasing day by day. While they seem cute and interesting to some people, it can be a horrifying scene for others. Such sights were only seen in fiction before. Within a few years, we will get to see completely conversing robots among us.

The precise automation of AI is helping it to replace many jobs manually handled before. While AI is sure to bring many new opportunities, it will also take away the jobs of many people in the future. Here are some of the job positions that are at risk.

  • Customer Service Representatives

The problems and queries of customers are mostly repetitive. Accurate social intelligence or an emotional approach is not necessary to answer them. So AI will be used to offer automated responses to questions asked frequently.

  • Receptionists

Several multinational corporations have already started using robots as their receptionist. AI can also manage the calls they receive. Many of us have experienced such robots while using an online scheduling system to book a table at a popular restaurant.

  • Accountants

Bookkeeping services powered by AI have started to replace accountants of many companies. These AI systems offer more security, flexibility, and accurate accounting systems. These systems are available in the form of cloud-based services.

  • Salespeople

Salespeople played an inevitable role in many companies for retail activities and advertising. Social media and web landscapes have changed the face of advertising. Customers can research products, eliminating any assistance from salespeople.

  • Drivers

Taxi service providers like Lyft and Uber are now focusing on autonomous driving. It is expected that within a few years, buses and taxis will become fully autonomous. Companies find them more cost-effective and safe.

  • Retail Services

Shopkeepers have to do many duties in the shop including answering queries, collecting payments, and monitoring inventory to generate sales. In the coming years, you will see devices moving around you in a shop to answer questions and manage goods.

  • Translators and proofreaders

Several AI-enabled tools are helping writers to check their writing. AI tools have the power to process natural language to find grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, and readability issues. Tools like Grammarly are good examples of such tools.

  • Military Personnel and security

To avoid loss of lives, many companies are considering AI-enabled robots in military operations to replace humans and to minimize the risk of losing human lives. Security guards’ roles are already replaced by cheap and good cameras that can work even in low light.

  • Surgical Assistants

Robotic doctors are now capable of doing critical operations. Thus, they will take over the role of surgical assistants. Pharmaceutical labs use AI technology to find new drugs.

  • Courier Services

Amazon and Walmart are working to replace humans with drones and robots to deliver products. In the future, courier services will be taken over by drone delivery systems.